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Lampshades to use with a glass and a candle. The result is an original lamp illuminated by a small candle located inside the glass.

The material of the lampshades is polypropylene with a thickness of 0.5 mm. It is recyclable (not recycled) and classified as fire resistance

DIN 4102-1: Class B (not easily flammable). This product has been designed to be used with glasses with a mouth width between 6.5 cm and 8 cm. Wider diameters can make the screen too unstable.

The mounted screens have a size of 9.5 cm in height and 11.50 cm (bottom diameter) and 6 cm (top diameter).

They are delivered disassembled accompanied by a fully customizable card in which the assembly method is also explained.

Made in Barcelona.

Delauney, Museo Nacional Thyssen Bornemizsa

Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum